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 SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate

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Lokacija : Srbija, Beograd, Banjica
Datum upisa : 30.01.2008

PočaljiNaslov: SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate   Pet Mar 28, 2008 4:21 am

In the beginning, there was Looking Glass Studios. Makers of System Shock, the first two Thief games, and some fine flight simulators. And a little known fact for you: They also did Madden Football for the Genesis back in 1993. Irrational is an offshoot, and they continue the tradition of having no tradition. They seem to be willing to try their hands at anything: tactical RPGs, 1st-person action RPGs, first-person shooters, and tactical games like SWAT 4. Although they have a wild variety of stuff, there is one common thread throughout it all: attention to detail. This is most often exhibited by exhaustive voice acting, but there's also the pitch-perfect music, nimble humor, and an infectious sense of adventure and drama.

So what's it like to play the game? Well, the context-sensitive menu command makes things really smooth. You walk up to a door, or to a person, or some other interactive object, and you'll get different relevant choices. If you need to disable a bomb, for example, you won't have to physically switch to your defusal tools. Just press and hold the middle mouse button. It's the same thing for cuffing people, opening doors, and shouting at people. And now you can issue delayed orders, allowing you to split up the element and have them enter a room from two different directions at the same time. Just hold down the CTRL key while issuing an order, and the "Initiate" command will be added to the menu. rld-sw4x.rar rld-sw4x.r00 rld-sw4x.r01 rld-sw4x.r02 rld-sw4x.r03 rld-sw4x.r04 rld-sw4x.r05 rld-sw4x.r06 rld-sw4x.r07 rld-sw4x.r08 rld-sw4x.r09 rld-sw4x.r10 rld-sw4x.r11 rld-sw4x.r12 rld-sw4x.r13 rld-sw4x.r14 rld-sw4x.r15 rld-sw4x.r16 rld-sw4x.r17 rld-sw4x.r18 rld-sw4x.r19 rld-sw4x.r20 rld-sw4x.r21 rld-sw4x.r22 rld-sw4x.r23 rld-sw4x.r24 rld-sw4x.r25 rld-sw4x.r26 rld-sw4x.r27 rld-sw4x.r28 rld-sw4x.r29 rld-sw4x.r30 rld-sw4x.r31 rld-sw4x.r32 rld-sw4x.r33 rld-sw4x.r34 rld-sw4x.r35 rld-sw4x.r36 rld-sw4x.r37 rld-sw4x.r38 rld-sw4x.r39 rld-sw4x.r40 rld-sw4x.r41 rld-sw4x.r42 rld-sw4x.r43 rld-sw4x.r44 rld-sw4x.r45 rld-sw4x.r46


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SWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate
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